Vi Cheat Sheet
Command Line Options: Change
vi file Invoke vi on file  r replace character
vi file1 file2 Invoke vi on files sequentially  cw change word
view file or  vi -R file Invoke vi on file in read-only mode  cc change current line
vi -r file Recover file and recent edits after a crash  cmotion change text between the cursor and the target of motion
vi -t tag Look up tag and start editing at its definition  C change to end of line
vi + file open file at last line  R overwrite characters
vi +n file open file at line no. n  S substitute: delete current line and insert new text
vi -c command file open file , execute command (which is usually search command or line no. (POSIX)  s substitute: delete character and insert new text
vi +/pattern file open file directly at pattern    
Marking Position Other Commands
 mx mark current position as x  . repeat last edit command
 `x move cursor to mark x  u, U undo last edit, restore current line
 `` return to previous mark or context  J delete lines
 'x move to beginning of line containing mark x
 '' return to beginning of line containing previous mark Delete, Move
 x delete character under cursor
Vi Commands  X delete character before cursor
h, j, k, l left, down, up, right    dw delete word
w, W, b, B forward and backward by a word  dd delete current line
e, E end of word  dmotion delete text between the cursor and the target of motion
), ( beginning of next, previous sentence  D delete to end of line
}, { beginning of next, previous paragraph  p, P put deleted text After, Before cursor
]], [[ beginning of next, previous section  "np put text from delete buffer number n after cursor (for last 9 deletions)
0, $ first and last positions of current line
^ first nonblank character of the current line ex edit commands
+,  - first nonblank character of the next and previous lines  :m move lines
n | column n of current line  :co or :t copy lines
H, M, L Top, Middle, Last line of screen  :.,$d delete from current line to end of file
nH, nL n number of lines after Tp line and before Last line  :.,/pattern/co$  copy from current line through line containing pattern to end of file.
 :30,60m0 move lines 30 through 60 to top of file
Line Number in Vi
ctrl G Display current line number Exit Commands 
nG move to line number n  zz, :x, :wq write (save) and quit file [3 types]
G move to last line in file  :w write (save) file
:n move to line n in file  :w! write (save) file, overriding protection
 :30,60w newfile write from line 30 through 60 as new file
Scrolling in Vi  :30,60w>> file write from line 30 through 60 and append to file 
ctrl F, ctrl B scroll Forward, Backward one screen  :w write current buffer named file as
ctrl D, ctrl U scroll Down, Up one half screen  :q quit file
ctrl E, ctrl Y show one more line at Bottom, Top of window  :q! quit file overriding protection
ctrl L redraw screen without scrolling  Q quit vi and invoke ex
z return, z., z- reposition line with cursor: to Top, Middle, Bottom of screen  :n edit next file 
 :e file2  edit file2 without leaving vi
Searching in Vi  :e! return to version of current file at the time of last write
/pattern, ?pattern search Forward, Backward for pattern  :e # edit alternate file
n, N repeat last search in Same , Opposite direction  :vi invoke vi editor from ex
/, ? repeat previous search Forward, Backward  : invoke one ex command from vi editor
fx, Fx search Forward, Backward for character x in current line  # alternate filename (substitutes into ex command)
tx, Tx search Forward, Backward to character Before, After x in current line  % current filename (substitutes into ex command)
; repeat previous current line search
, repeat previous current line search in opposite direction
Editing Commands
 i, a insert text Before, After cursor
 I, A insert text Before beginning, After end of line
 o, O open new line for text Below, Above cursor
Yank (copy)  
 yw copy word
 yy copy current line
 "ayy copy current line into named buffer a (a-z). uppercase names append text
 ymotion copy text between the cursor and the target of motion
 p, P put copied text After, Before cursor
 "aP put text from buffer a Before cursor (a-z)