The Rooster’s Revenge


Once upon an Easter morning

Little Miss Virginia Beggs

Found a score of highly colored

Somewhat gaudy Easter eggs.


Some were pink and some were yellow

Some were red and some were blue,

Some were nicely striped with purple.

Some were dyed a crimson hue.


In the nest, out in the barnyard

While the old hen stretched her legs,

Generous little Miss Virginia

Placed these pretty Easter eggs.


Came the rooster, crowing loudly;

Strutting as a rooster should,

Joyful in anticipation

Pride of coming fatherhood.


By the nest he drew up proudly,

There his handwork to view,

For he knew his mate was setting—

Knew the hatching date was due.


Sad the day and sad the moment!

Sad his terrible surprise!

Joy fled from his heart in horror

At the sight before his eyes.


In the nest home of his lady

Whom he had sworn was true,

There were eggs of pink and yellow,

Red and green and brown and blue.


Long the rooster looked in silence,

Then decided bitterly,

Naught remained but to avenge his

Violated Sanctity.


With the boldness of an eagle

Next door did that rooster fly;

Battle-Ruffled were his feathers,

Blood was in his rooster eye.


Rooster mind was firm determined,

Rooster jaw was set and grim,

And the next-door neighbor’s peacock

Got the hell beat out of him.