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The game of choice?

Texas Hold'em.

The rules we play by:


	 Red			$  .50 
	 White		$ 1.00 
	 Blue		$ 5.00 

	Buy in is $25.00.
	Each player recieves $50.00 in chips.
	There is no cash out.
	Top three places pay out (after paying for food).
		First	60%
		Second	30%
		Third	10%

	There will be breaks every hour and a half.	
	No ante.  Use blinds instead.
	First person to the left of the dealer is blind small.
	Second person to the left of the dealer is blind large.
	Cost of blinds start at $ .50 for the small and $ 1.00 for the large.
	Blinds will increase after each break.

	Max bet will start at $ 5.00.
	Max bet will raise as number of tables decreases.
	Max bet will raise by $ 5.00 as each table is removed.
	Final table will be no limit
	Raises limited to three per round of betting.

	THE HOUSE GETS NO PART OF WINNINGS.  This is not a sanctioned game.
	No-one gets a cut of the winnings except the winners.

Dave Harkles has organized the following tournaments. Tournament Rankings:
10/19/03 Number of players: 9 First: Doug Hayes Second: Jim Hayes Third: Craig ??? 11/23/03 Number of players: 12 First: Bryan Lavalley Second: Doug Hayes Third: Rick Hayes 12/14/03 Number of players: 12 First: ??? Second: Greg Maxstead Third: Doug Hayes 1/11/04 Number of players: 6 Second: Dave Harkles and Bryan Lavalley (calling a draw, geesh) Third: Doug Hayes, w/o money (not enough folks for 3rd place payout) 2/15/04 Number of players: xx First: ??? Second: ??? Third: ???

Some pics from the 1/11/04 game:


Bryan and Greg

Doug and Dave

Doug and Jeremy


Table shot

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