New Year's Eve pictures from Shawn and Janelle's

Basement Fun

Cleo gets in to the spirit of the night

Shawn was toasted

Good times were had by all

Happy new year!

Who let the dog on the pool table?

Janelle and Jim

The kitchen, check out he food

Shawn and Janelle

Summer and Janelle

Summer in the basement

Okay, so it's time to explain how much fun we had. Everyone had a great time... Some better than others. A Jello Shot fight broke out in the basement! It was everywhere! The following pictures detail the damage!

Jello aftermath 1

Jello aftermath 2

Jello aftermath 3

Jello aftermath 4

Jello aftermath 5

Jello aftermath 6

Jello aftermath 7

Jello aftermath 8

Jello aftermath 9

Jello on the Floor

Pool table with Jello

When you get Jello ALL over, you can't get the car seat messy. Shawn to the rescue!!!

She's actually wearing it!

Now that's one for the catwalk!

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