This is Cleo Patra Hayes' website

Cleo is a beutiful Rottweiler that was born on 1-1-00. She's our little Millenium pup. There are pictures of her and her friends here.

My puppy as a puppy. She may have looked cute but she was the typical fiesty rottweiler puppy.

Cleo a little older

Cleo riding in the Jeep

Chelsea sitting pretty


Cleo's 2nd birthday... She gets some carrot cake

Cleo's 2nd birthday still

Cleo's 2nd birthday... Now you see the cake...

Cleo's 2nd birthday... Now you don't... No more cake.


Cleo and Chelsea

Cleo, Gabby, and Chelsea

More of Cleo and Friends

More of Cleo and Friends

Cleo and Gabby

Cleo and Jim

Cleo as a Puppy

More of Cleo as a puppy

Another Cleo as puppy

Cleo as a puppy, and Summer

Smiling CLeo

Gabby's begging

Gabby gets rewarded for begging

Got the hat on now

Reindeer Cleo

Sleepy Cleo

Sleepy Cleo 2

Teenage Cleo on the counter


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