Family Trip to Canada in September of '03. Also has good pics and layout of camp! PAGE 2.

Little Pike

More little pike

More little pike

More little pike

Money Bass

Money Bass

Rockin big bass

yea, again.

Picture of dock from rock

Picture of camp from road

Ralph and Ronny

Ralph in front of big cabin

Ralph's big pike

more of Ralph's big pike

Yet more of Ralph's pike

Road to Lake

Dennis Rodman

Summer and Cleo... Awesome!!! (end of rock)

Summer and cleo on the table

Sleepy Summer and Cleo

She's good with kids.

Summer and I eating fish dinner.

Summer and Jim on Beam

Summer and Jim on Beam 2

Summer and Cleo watching baby.

Summer and Ralph and Ronny at dinner

Summer with Cleo on beach

Summer with Cleo on table again.

Sunset from dock

The Guys

Uncle Ron

View from cabin on Rock

Ronny catching a ride

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