Family Trip to Canada in September of '03. Also has good pics and layout of camp!

Big Cabin from the beach

Boats and the dock

Cabin 1

cabin 2

Cabin on the rock from the beach

Cabins 1 and 2

Where's mom? Road to old Wilkinson camp

Cleo on the rock

Cleo on the table

Collin and baby on beam

Collin and Crystal

Collin teaching bad habits

Dad and Ron

Dad with stogey

Dad in Kitchen

Dad, Ron, and Ralph

Dad, Ron, and Ralph in boat

Front of the big cabin

The front of the cabin on the rock

The gang

The gang at lunch

Getting the boat out

More getting the boat out

Greta and Crystal

Guys coming in

Time to sharpen every knive we have! (well, okay, but a lot of them!)

After dinner cigar

Fixin' dinner

Jim in front of the cabin on the rock

Jim, Summer, and Cleo on the rock

Kitchen setup

Hmmm, a little Asti anyone?


Party MORE!

Counting stars

Little Bunny Foo Foo ...

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