Party, err, I mean Family trip to Canada in August of '02.

The old gang was there, the Hayes Family, the Cox family and a new addition to the camp for this year, the Lockard family.

Doc's ViewPoint on Lake Dubourne Blind River Ontario. Some things never change.

And we still fit after 20 years of visiting.

Watch them bunny ears.

BJ in the Boat on the water

Bob and Debbie Cox

Bob Cox golfing

Sunset in Canada over the lake

Another look at the Sunset in Canada over the lake

One more of the Sunset in Canada over the lake

Dogs staring down the chipmunk

Whole family

Gage golfing

Gina and gage playing in the lake

Gina and Jen

My Bass!!! Finally made it into grandpas list!!

Seriously roughing it in Canada. No running water or electricity, well sorta.


Summer and Baby

The ThreeRivers Kids, after years of abuse. ;-)

The ThreeRivers Women

Uncle Johnny's house on the way up. The next morning we got a beutiful double rainbow! Good memories mom.

Fun in the lake when it's hot enough

Zack and Cameron on the beam in the big cabin

Zack in the water

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