Vegas 2013 - Site 2 - With Lisa

More Knob Creek 2014

Vegas 2014 from Summers camera

4th of July 2014

Air National Gaurd Refueling trip

Air Refueling

VBS 2014

Alice Cooper and Motley Crue 2014

Ohio State Fair 2014

OSU game 2014 with AFCOM.

RenFest 2014

The MAZE 2014

Halloween 2014.

The George's farm 2014

Misc. and random 2014

Nathan bratka graduation 2014

Piper Pre-School Graduation 2014

Spring Break 2015

4th of July 2015

VBS 2015

Ohio State Fair 2015

The MAZE 2015

Leeds Farm with DJ - 2015

Leeds Farm with Piper - 2015

Halloween 2015

The George's farm 2015

Misc. and random 2014

Misc. yard and pond 2014 and 2015

Misc. Shooting 2014 and 2015

Vegas Spring 2014 - Data Center World and great time with Summer

Knob Creek Spring 2014

Misc. 2014 summertime.

Veterens Day at Paige's school 2013

Vegas Spring 2013

RenFest 2013

Paige's first day of 1st grade and Piper's first day of Preschool 2013

Ohio State Fair 2013

Misc pics 2013

Halloween 2013

Brownies first meeting and Smores 2013

Knob Creek Spring 2013

Misc July and August 2012 pics

Ren Fest 2012 with the Swiateks

Misc Sept and October 2012 pics

Halloween at the Hayes' 2012

Gina's BYOP party 2012.

Misc Nov. Dec. pics 2012

Our new barn 2013

Misc. February 2012 pics.

Misc Feb and March 2012

BJ Cox wedding 2012.

Misc. Jan and Feb 2012 pics.

Misc November and December 2011

Morgan's birthday 2012.

Disney on Ice 2012

Bill's Deer 2011

RenFest 2011.

Misc September and October pics 2011

Leeds farm trip 2011.

Cookout at John and Cat's Sept 2011

Halloween 2011, and Hayes' Halloween bash pics!

Ohio State Fair 2011.

Our new mulch for the playset 2011

Splashpark visit in Dublin 2011.

Summertime Shooting

Zoo July 2011

Allen Township Community Day 2011

Miscellaneous pictures July through Sept. 2011

Salem 2011.

Boston trip 2011

Gender Reveal Party 2011.

Misc pictures from May and June 2011

John and Kat Hufnagle wedding 2011

Hilton Head 2011

Bon Jovi 2011.

Vehicl Show 2011.

Columbus Zoo march 2011.

Simba's birthday 2011

Misc November and December pics

Misc March and April 2011

Misc January and February 2011.

Franklin Park Conservatory 2011

Cosi 2011.

Carter's birthday party 2011.

Misc September and October pics 2010.

Ren Fest 2010

Gina's BYOP party in Yellow Springs.

Basement September 2010

Halloween with the Hayes' 2010.

Our new castle.

Mics July and August page A 2010

Mics July and August page B 2010.

Columbus Zoo 2010

Easter - 2010.

New roof 2010

Candice and Joe's wedding 2010.

State Fair 2010

Misc pictures from May - June - July - 2010.

BJ Cox's baby shower 2010

Bar pictures from March 2010.

Misc. pics from January 2010

Misc. pics from February 2010.

Misc September and October pics 2009.

Halloween at the Hayes' 2009.

Jim's bear hunt in 2009.

Trailcam pictures from March of '09 in my backyard.

Dad helping extend my driveway in '09

Summer and Paige went to the Columbus zoo with the Swaiteks.

Summer's shop pictures including her last day at FCH.

The Ohio State Fair 2009.

Misc Pics from April 2009 to mid August 2009.

Summer, Paige, and Candice at the Union County fair in 2008.

Ren Fest 2008

Abby's wedding

Halloween at the Hayes' 2008.

New Year's Eve 2008.

Misc Pics from Sept 2008 to April 2009.

The new bar in the basement from October 2008.

Canada 2008, Cameron's hockey practice.

Meggin Keene's 1st bday.

Paige's first trip to the Ohio State fair in 2008.

Summer's shop (First Choice Haircutter's) recruiting fair 2008

Stocking the pond here at the Hayes'

Sophos summer social at the Columbus Zoo 2008.

Summer's shop (First Choice Haircutter's) race for the cure 2008

Summer's shop's (First Choice Haircutter's) cutothon for breast cancer 2008

Sinking the pond aerator's diffusor

Windmill for pond

Pond in April 2008, almost full

Jim's UK trip April 2008

Summer's First Choice Haircutters banquet 2008

Blizzard 2008

Basement bar and storage room project pictures group A

Summer's Holiday party 2007 for the First Choice Haircutters in Marysville.

Jim's UK trip 2007. Stops at Stonehenge, Oxford, Avebury, London, Windsor Castle, and the River Thames.

Halloween at the Hayes', party and misc other pics.

Yardwork '07 old and new pictures. (New Dock Pics)

Ren Fest 2007, Paige's first.

Mike George's suprise birthday party for his 40th.

Burr Oak State park in Spring 2007, Camping with the neighbors.

The basement project, Jim's den, or the Lodge (FINAL!)

Hilliary's baby shower '07

Summer and Jim's (and Paige) trip to Ohio Caverns - Page 1

Summer and Jim's (and Paige) trip to Ohio Caverns - Page 2

Misc pics pre-June '07

The basement project, Jim's den, or the Lodge

Vancouver 2007, Sophos and much more, picture group A.

Vancouver 2007, Sophos and much more, picture group B.

Vegas Vacation 2007

New Years 2007 at Brad and Jen's

FCH Marysville holiday dinner

Deer season 2006 pictures (Jim's Doe)

Halloween party 2006 pictures

Summer and Candice at the Stockyard in Marysville for WNCI 2006 roadtrip

Hayes cookout 2006

Tracie and Chad's newborn, Omi

Ben's wedding

The west bridge street FCH salon

Dave and Michelle's wedding

Sky's birthday in '06

Random shooting pics and info.

Tour of a C-5 Galaxy at WPAFB in December '05.

Ren Fest '05 Tulleners fencing!!!

Jim's 30th Bday

July 4th '05 Dublin Parade with First Choice Haircutters

July 4th Fireworks with the neighbors '05

Jarrod's Freedom Pary '05

Bartholic finally graduated field party June '05

Our new travel trailer March '05

St. Patty's day parade and blarny bash pics March '05

Summer's shop party March '05

Some Air Force Pics from Doug in '04

Misc Feb '05

Halloween '04 PAGE 1

Halloween '04 PAGE 2

Ren Fest '04

Columbus Zoo '04 page 1

Columbus Zoo '04 page 2

Bonfire at Dan and Sue's

Heather's baby shower '04

Party at Sean and Janelle's house '04

Memorial day '04

Texas and New Orleans Spring '04 trip.

RenFest 2003

Put - In - Bay '03 Pictures

Gatlinburg '03 Pic pages

Mullet D-Day

The 4 wheeler in 2003!

New Years Eve party 2003 at Shawn and Janelle's

Halloween 2002 (thanks Ben and Carol!)

Halloween 2001 (thanks Ben and Carol!)

Darrin's 30th Birthday party pics

Miscelaneous pics

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