UK 2007 trip with all the touristy places! Story at the bottom of the page!!!

Oxford and 1st days, page A.

Oxford and 1st days, page B.

Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

The Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford.

The riverboat ride down the river Thames.

Stop at Avebury.


Windsor and it's Castle

London pictures group A.

London pictures group B.

The tower of London!

In October 2007, my current employer, which is UK based in Abingdon, had a consortium for the Sr. IT managers from around the globe. We also brought some of the other IT folks in to train. We had IT staff from Vancouver, Boston Mass, Columbus Oh, Sydney Aus, and of course Abingdon UK. I was there for 10 days and during that time, the Columbus IT folks had a good time going around Oxford. During the week, the company had a sponsored tour down the river Thames, food and beer provided ;-). During the middle weekend our good friend Tom from the Abingdon office drove us down to Avebury and Stonehenge. We drove through Windsor on the return. Strangely we ran into our Australian friend Peter H. inside the grounds of Windsor castle. Peter and I later watched the English / Frence semi finals for Rugby in a Pub in Oxford. The next day I hopped the tube for London and spent the day there. Lots of pics from around London, and tons from the Tower of London. Enjoy!

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