Texas for Spring Break in '04, with a stop in Louisiana!

            Trip details: Summer and I, the Expedition and a full tank of gas left Columbus Ohio on Friday March 12th 2004 at 2:00pm. We drove through Kentucky, Tennesee, Alabama, Mississippi, and arrived in New Orleans Lousiana at 3:30am. Spent the night in Nawlins at a small little bed and breakfast called Maison Dubois . Up early the next day and drove to Baytown, just outside of Houston, to stay two nights with Summer's dad and where we had dinner with Monica and her boyfriend. We also made it to Galveston Island for an afternoon. Tuesday morning drove to San Antonio and stayed at the Holiday Inn on the Riverwalk. Spent the day on the Riverwalk and at the Alamo. Up early Wednesday morning and drove to the southern most tip of Texas, Brownsville, (after a short stop by the Texas Highway patrol 82 in a 70) and stayed the night. We spent the afternoon jumping across the border to Mexico and went to MataMoros and went shopping at the market. Then early Thursday morning we hit South Padre Island. We were on the beach and in the ocean by 7:30am. No-one else was up yet, it was good. By 10:00am the college kids were waking up and starting hitting the beach. By the time we left the beach, there was thousands of college students and lots of beer on the beach (cool!). Summer and I got sun burnt and drove back to her dads and spent Thursday and Friday night. Friday night we went bar hopping with her dad, where Summer and her dad got to go two stepping. Saturday around 11:00am we left Baytown and headed home. Passing through Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and finally home by 7:30am Sunday morning.

            Many thanks to Mom and Dad for watching and coping with the dogs. I'm sure the four month old puppy was a blast :-).

            Also many thanks to Roger and Vicki for letting us stay at there house while in Baytown.

            Trip travel note: 3875 miles in 9 days.

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New Orleans and Bourbon Street

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San Antonio and the Riverwalk, and Alamo

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Brownsville and Mexico

South Padre Island Spring Break '04

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