In August of '03, Summer and I went to South Bass Island, in Lake Erie. This island is also known as Put-In-Bay.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast called the LongHouse.

We had 2 days, and relaxed and drank them away.

Summer at the South Bass Island State Park. Sits right on shore of Lake Erie. She did swim there also.

Ohio Department of natural resources, and information about this park.

Me at the state park on the island.


Outside the Perry's Cave tourist center. Here's summer looking for jewels or gold or something.

Summer still looking for gold...

walking through Perry's cave, on the guided tour.

Main part of Perry's cave

The underground lake

More of the underground lake

As the tour of about 50 people walks through the cave, they shove everyone into a room they call the bedroom, and explain how the ceiling could fall at anytime. :-)

On our way out, the main cavern again

Here's the Heineman Winery tour, which leads into the Crystal cave tour.

This is the bottler

Here's Summer playing Vanna, and the winery's wine selection

Summer and I at the winery

This is the Crystal cave. It's actually the world's largest Geode. 35 feet in diameter, it was found while digging a well.

The worlds largest crystal of some sort hangs from the ceiling at 7 feet long and 24 inches wide, it's in the world records somewhere.

Cave Entrance.

Jim and Summer in the crystal cave

Main chamber of the Giant Geode

More of the crystal cave

Happy anniversary Summer!

Of course, Cleo, as we finish off the role of film, doing her best Elvis

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